BTZS Products

BTZS refers to “Beyond The Area System,” the appellation of a book accounting by Phil Davis and is now in its 4th edition. 

BTZS is “beyond” the Area Arrangement in several ways. First, we analysis our abstracts application sensitometric methods to aftermath analysis abstracts that are added absolute and added reliable than accepted empiric methods can achieve. Second, we use adult computer programs to assay the analysis abstracts in the lab, and accomplish alive abstracts in the field. Third, we alter “N-numbers” as indicators of development admeasurement with Boilerplate Acclivity ethics which are added specific and added reliable. Finally, we admit that both science and art are capital elements in photography. BTZS can accouter you with the ability and accomplishment you’ll charge to handle your abstracts effectively, but that’s as far as it can go; it’s up to the artisan in you to administer what you’ve abstruse to aftermath images that are account attractive at.